IE Kids Directory is picked up on purpose!

We feature services, products, events and activities for kids. A targeted audience for our advertisers.

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Issue Deadlines

2020 - Virtual issue
December 'Holiday Issue'/ Deadline Nov 30th

2021 - Virtual issue
January/Feb. 'Welcome Baby", "Valentines Day" , Deadline Dec. 15th

March/Apr. "Spring/Summer Camps" / "Easter "
Deadline Feb. 15th


Virtual Distribution 35,000+
We are blessed with the many school districts, private schools, libraries and family businesses who share each virtual issue with their clients and families  :
  • After School Programs
  • Schools & Preschools
  • Kids Theatre
  • Pediatric Medical
  • Dental Offices
  • Recreation Centers
  • Dance
  • Gymnastics
  • Martial Arts Centers
  • Play Centers
  • Learning Centers
  • Sports Centers
  • Restaurants
  • Ice Cream Parlors
  • Toy Stores
  • And Many More!
Tenative Planning Calendar
Our 2021 Production Schedule
Issue – March /April
Special Feature – Day/ Summer Camp Guide / Easter/ School
Closing Date – February 15th 
Issue – May/June
Special Feature – Day & Summer Camp Guide/Graduation/Brain Waves
Closing Date – April 3rd
Issue – July/August
Special Feature – Beat the Heat / Summer Camps / Back to School
Closing Date – June 2rd
Issue – September/October
Special Feature – Apple Season/ Fall Activities/ Enrichment Programs
Closing Date – August 2nd
Issue – November/December
Special Feature – Winter Sports/ Giving Thanks/ Holiday Activities
Closing Date – October 2nd
Issue – January/February
Special Feature – Birthday Party Ideas/Early Enrollment Guide
Closing Date – December 3rd/

Coming Soon

A New Resource - Just for Kids

 Kids Brain Waves  A New 
Behavior Health & Special Needs Resource
Closing Date April 2021
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The Kids Directory can be found at community centers, libraries, pediatrician medical and dental offices, OB/GYN offices, Preschool’s & Day Care Centers, Restaurants, Dance, martial arts and Gymnastic Studios, and many more high traffic locations, that families frequent daily.,

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